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Hey my love ;) I am sorry i got called and i could not reply to all the wedding messages at the right time!MISSED ALL THE FUN AGAIN!crap XD!But hey!I am hoping for a free day tomorrow so I hope i`ll be here :)Life is good,work as always sucks LOL you would not believe what i have to deal with at work,lol this world is full of freakkkkkzzzzz and not in that lovely way that we usually mention :)
BUT I WOULD SOOOO LOVE Bowie as a priest for our wedding and iman to give you away,(and yeah we will have to decide who`s going to be wearing the bridal veil and the white dress and the other is going to be dressed like Thin White Duke, OR OR OR we could both dress up like Crazy Uncle Bowie LOL)
And as for Steven Tyler on our wedding we always will find a place for him - Let him be MAH BEST MAN as Iman is going to give you away i want Steven to cry his eyes out standing behind my back as i read my wedding oath to you XD OH THAT WOULD BE THE BEST WEDDING EVER! And then i want them all to go with us for our honey moon!i don`t think you`ll disagree XDDDD
Ok , they call me again, but i`ll harass your ask box more later to bring a smile to your face as you wake up!
And oh ^___^ <333

OH OH OH! I wanna dress up as the Duke! Dress up as Ziggy, it’ll be a blast. And um, like I would disagree to that honeymoon? We’d be listening to the Stones &Suzi &Aerosmith.


Aww, I love you too!

I just read through all of last nights posts and can I just please smack your anons upside the head with a mace because ugh >:(

I don't really like giving my sexuality a name, If I'm attracted to someone then so be it :P

I told a few of my friends recently that I am bisexual and they're fine with it, some minor teasing but it's funny not hateful and it's what my friends and I do.

I haven't told my parents but I think my mum knows really.

As far as the rest of my friends/social group goes - I'm not going to actually "out" myself, I'm just going to be me and they can interpret what they want however they want :P

The friend who actually got me to "come out" at all was pretty amazing though.
He said to me (this was without me telling him anything about my sexuality) "you should just be yourself, you might miss out on awesome stuff if you're hiding yourself. At least tell Cole (my best friend/flatmate) that you like girls too because you'll feel great about it then"

He's one of the most hetero guys I know and I didn't see that talk coming from him at all xD

So yeah, I don't know where this post is going.
I think I started off talking about your anons and ended up here.

Anyway, you are wonderful and amazing, never ever ever let the haters get you down because they are cowardly little gits!


This whole post is wonderful <3

Bisexual was the word I was looking for last night

Words tend to escape me when I’m angry haha.


To dream of some Julian Priest


 love-incense replied to your post:love-incense replied to your post:Ugh, my uni…

You’re telling me! They were rude and uncalled for and even Mother Monster didn’t make them go away D:

I don’t understand when people get illegitimate anon hate on here.

A message to Anon haters:
If you don’t like someone (for apparently personal reasons, not because they’re being a douche) then unfollow or ignore what they’re saying.

Being a dick to them is going to benefit no one. They won’t change because of your comments, they might be hurt but they wont change, and you’ll either be ignored or shot down in flames so just leave it out.



Speechless, Lady Gaga.

Gettin rid o the haters.

desolatedangel replied to your post: Hey. Thanks for your comment reply :) I am still really new to Tumblr and cant figure out how to reply to it! (Silly I know) But wanted to say hi and glad you are ready for some Bowies! (also how the heck do you reply to comments, lol!)

Sometimes there is (like now!), but when people leave comments I cant seem to figure out how to reply back to them. I also can’t seem to get comment options on anything but text posts? It’s all very odd & confusing. >.>

I wish I could help more! Ask me again tomorrow I might remember how :)

Mama is saying FUCK THE HATERS.

Mama is saying FUCK THE HATERS.

For the Anon.

For the Anon.

Mother Monster. Give me what I can’t give to others.